Student Services

Student Services includes:

  • Resource Teachers
  • Guidance Counsellors
  • School Psychologists
  • Speech Language Pathologists
  • Addiction’s Foundation of Manitoba Counsellors
  • Public Health Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Dietician
  • Indigenous Academic Achievement Coordinator
  • Outreach Facilitator

The following programs are offered through Student Services:

  • PEP (Pre-Employment Program-Gr. 11-12) 
  • Senior Life Skills Program
  • Peer Helpers
  • Sources of Strength
  • Rainbows/Spectrum
  • PACE (Parenting Adolescents Continuing Their Education)
  • Self-Directed Learning

Resource Teachers:

The Resource Department is composed of 4 resource teachers who work collaboratively with school teams to establish academic plans for students requiring supports.  These supports may include:  Course adaptations, outcome modifications, E-Credit planning for English Language Learners and transition planning.  The resource teachers are available to assist with individual student needs should they require additional supports for academics or alternative programming options.  We have several Educational Assistants who are assigned by the resource department to assist students within their learning environments.

If students are in need of academic assistance or would like to see what programs for support are offered through the Resource Department, please contact any of the Resource Teachers.

Guidance Counsellors:

Developmental Guidance - Developmental guidance programming focuses on competencies which all students should develop in order to achieve personal success and fulfillment, and to make a contribution to society. The content of developmental guidance programming includes expected student learning outcomes in three areas: personal/social development, educational development, and career development. This content is normally delivered through classroom teaching/learning units, group guidance methods, courses for credit (e.g., School-initiated Courses and Student-initiated Projects), and school-wide programs and projects.

Individual Planning - Individual planning assistance supports and facilitates all students in developing and managing their individual personal/social, educational, and career goals and plans. Individual Planning involves the provision of personalized information, direction, assistance, and monitoring. The activities in this component are delivered on a group or individual basis. Examples of content in the individual planning component include making transitions, orientation to new placements, student portfolios, individualized career and educational exploration and planning, counselling regarding graduation requirements and course selection, post-secondary plans, and financial aid.

Responsive Services: Counselling, Consultation, and Referrals

A comprehensive guidance and counselling program includes responding to students who are experiencing immediate on-going problems, concerns, or crises which interfere with their learning. This component includes activities such as providing information, individual and small group counselling, consulting with staff and parents, and referral to other specialists or services.

System Support - This component involves the administrative and management activities necessary to support the guidance and counselling program, as well as activities or services provided by school counsellors to support other guidance and educational programs of the school. This component includes consultation and collaboration with parents and community agencies and other support services, staff development, research, budgeting, community relations, and program evaluation.

School Psychologists:

A school psychologist is available for assessment and counselling.  Referrals may include self-referrals, parent referrals, and staff referrals.

Teen Clinic:

Teen Clinic is located in the basement of the Prince Charles Building. Come to Teen Clinic for information on: birth control, sexually transmitted infections, mental health, and more.

Providers include: Nurse Practitioner, Physician, Public Health Nurse, Dietitian, Child & Adolescent Shared Care Mental Health Clinician, and Enhanced School-based Mental Health Addictions Nurse. Services are available to those aged 12 – 21 years, and are confidential and free.


If you want to see one of the providers…

  • go in person to the main desk at Teen Clinic and talk to the Receptionist
  • call 204-857-6843 ext: 11609 , or 204-870-0689
  • text 204-870-0689 (must include your full name in your text! Do not need to include any health information).


Open hours: 8:00 am – 3:30 pm Tuesday to Friday. Closed for lunch: 12:20 — 1:20 pm

Closed March 27 – 31, 2023

Addictions Foundation of Manitoba Counsellor:

PCI has two part-time Addictions Counsellors (formerly known as Addictions
Foundation of Manitoba Counsellors) in partnership with Shared Health and the
Portage School Division. Counsellors provide assessments, counselling, and
referral services for students whose substance abuse or gambling is of concern to
them or others. Additional services include support to students who are affected
by someone else’s substance use or gambling as well as prevention education and
resources. Both Addictions Counsellors are available from Monday to Friday on a
rotating basis. The Addictions Office is now located in the back of the library in
the Prince Charles Building in room 75 and welcomes walk-ins and pre-scheduled
appointments. Inquiries may be directed to 204-857-6843 Ext. 1075.

Career Centre:

The Career Centre provides a variety of updated materials that are used to assist our students in their career planning and in making choices regarding their post-secondary plans. Included in these materials are university and college calendars, post-secondary applications, scholarship information and applications, career-related magazines and much more. A Career Centre Technician is available to assist the students in their career planning, to guide the students through the computer career program. Grade 9-12 students are encouraged to visit the Career Centre to utilize the many resources available to them.

Division Notice

Trustee By-Election for Ward 3

The Portage la Prairie School Division is in search of someone to fill a School Trustee position in Ward 3 via a by-election.

Nomination begins August 7, 2024 and election day is September 18, 2024.

Individuals interested in standing for Trustee can find further details regarding ward boundaries, geographical location, requirements, and the process at this link.

Ward 3 Trustee By-Election Information