Community Career Credits

High School Apprenticeship Program (HSAP 9801-9808) - This course allows students to gain experience and authentic apprenticeship hours towards certification in a skilled trade.  Students can earn up to eight 40S credits towards high school graduation for having gained employment in the skilled trades under a certified journeyperson or designated trainer that will apprentice them. 

PCI/Red River College Health Care Aide Partnership - This course, offered second semester to graduating Grade 12 students, allows students to gain valuable experience in the field of health care. Students attend Red River College where they not only receive Health Care Aide training, but also get to apply their learning in a work experience practicum.  Students earn five 40S credits towards high school graduation as well as Health Care Aide Certification.

PCI/Military Basic Training Co-op - This course, offered afternoons during second semester, allows Grade 11 and 12 students to participate in military basic training. Successful applicants become employees of the military, allowing them an opportunity to earn a salary and Basic Military Qualification (BMQ). Students also receive two Credits For Employment (CFE30G, CFE40G) for having completed the course. 

Credits For Employment (CFE 30G/40G) - This course recognizes the skills students learn for having gained meaningful employment. Students earn up to two CFE credits for having gained employment and for having accumulated a designated number of employment hours.

For further information about any of the Community Career Credits listed above, please contact Career Development Coordinator Blair Hordeski at 204-857-6843 ext 1515

Division Notice

Trustee By-Election for Ward 3

The Portage la Prairie School Division is in search of someone to fill a School Trustee position in Ward 3 via a by-election.

Nomination begins August 7, 2024 and election day is September 18, 2024.

Individuals interested in standing for Trustee can find further details regarding ward boundaries, geographical location, requirements, and the process at this link.

Ward 3 Trustee By-Election Information